The Coffee Roaster’s Handbook

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Want to roast your own coffee? The Coffee Roaster’s Handbook: A How-To Guide for Home and Professional Roasters by Len Brault (Rockridge Press, August 25, 2020, 170 pages) advertises itself as “a complete guide to coffee roasting for beginners and professionals alike.”

This book is loaded with practical information and tips that anyone who is into roasting and brewing coffee from scratch can use. It covers selecting raw coffee beans straight from the plant, how to spot defects, how to store them, and of course, how to roast and brew them.

With colorful illustrations and photographs, this comprehensive look at everything coffee from the science of roasting to picking the right equipment, of which there are many choices, is an essential reference book for coffee enthusiasts at all levels.

Many readers award the book five stars and give positive feedback such as, “easy to read and very informative,” “a treasure trove of practical tips and coffee hacks.” “The visuals and photographs are beautiful,” “Awesome read,” and “Lived up to the hype.”

Author Len Brault has held many seminars on coffee brewing and roasting in addition to running Heirloom Coffee in the Boston area since 2005. He says his company is “supporting projects to help prevent the extinction of Liberica in the Philippines and initiatives to expand the practice of direct trade in the coffee industry.”

Those who take on the challenge of roasting and brewing their own coffee will benefit from this easy-to-read how-to illustrated publication that will help the reader avoid the many pitfalls of taking on this activity. One reader wrote after reading the book, “I am not going to pursue roasting myself because I want to continue to be married. Fortunately for me, Lens Coffee is only 10 minutes away.“


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