Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend Roast

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Almost everyone needs a good cup of joe to get started in the morning, and getting a quality one that offers a magnificent aroma and taste is something every coffee lover craves. Lavazza has crafted this brilliant brew in the form of their Super Crema medium espresso roast coffee.

Lavazza is widely viewed as the most beloved Italian coffee and often is discussed among coffee enthusiasts when talking about who provides the best coffee beans on the market. They definitely have not skimped out with this product, as it carries on the legacy of quality that the coffee company is renowned for.

This delicious coffee blend gives you some of the very best aspects of Italian espresso. With full flavor, a nutty bite, and a complex and satisfying essence that keeps you coming back for more, Lavazza Super Crema is a must-try coffee blend for any coffee enthusiast.

A Delightful Blend
With Super Crema, you get a delightful medium roast blend that grinds easily and very finely. This whole bean espresso blend is a great pick for those who want a mild cup of coffee that has a creamy aspect to it. You will also notice that there is a touch of both brown sugar and hazelnut aromas in the blend, giving it that extra bit of uniqueness.

If you are looking for an espresso blend that is robust and offers you a great espresso mix but you don’t enjoy the bitter aftertaste that espresso blends often have then you will love Lavazza Super Crema. A very mild aftertaste goes perfectly with the thick and rich creaminess of the rest of the blend.

Great Ingredients
Lavazza makes their Super Crema espresso roast with premium ingredients, ensuring that you always get a quality product and a pleasant experience with every sip you take.

This particular blend actually comes with two types of Arabica beans, both Natural Arabica and Indian Arabica. These beans provide the blend with just the right amount of sugar content and help to balance out the rest of the flavor of the typically bitter blend. They also give the roast its pleasing aroma of brown sugar and hazelnut.

Robusta beans are also used in this blend, giving it the needed caffeine content that the coffee needs to give you that wake-up shot of espresso that you crave. Every single bean used in this Super Crema roast is roasted evenly to a medium to dark brown and contains almost no oil, meaning that you can use them in your espresso machine without worry.

• A mild alternative to bitter espresso
• Creamy and wonderfully aromatic espresso blend
• Made out of some of the best Italian coffee beans

• Those who enjoy strong espresso may want to look elsewhere, as this is a pretty mild blend

Overall, Lavazza Super Crema is the perfect choice of coffee if you are looking for a mild espresso blend that still packs tons of flavor, full-bodied aftertaste, and also offers a very satisfying aroma. Individuals who are seeking the kick of traditional espresso but don’t want to experience the bitter aftertaste it is oftentimes associated with should definitely try this coffee blend out.

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