Aroma Ridge Jamaican Rum

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Aroma Ridge is a family-owned specialty coffee roaster, based in Marietta, Georgia, featuring a collection of hand-selected coffee from all over the world. Roastmasters Baba and Mama roast each individual bag of coffee to absolute perfection, adding natural oils as flavoring, observing the entire process for an even roast each and every time. Offering true traceability, Aroma Ridge is a direct importer of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, as well as many others. Though they provide a whole slew of flavored coffee, Jamaica Rum French Vanilla remains the cream of the crop, and it should definitely be your next bag of coffee.

Jamaica Rum French Vanilla is one of their best products, featuring 16 ounces of 100% Arabica beans with a lovely bouquet of natural oils. This medium roast coffee is accentuated by an intensely creamy, albeit spicy rum flavor, as well as an aroma hint of French Vanilla. This zero-calorie coffee is available in a variety of forms, including whole bean, ground, espresso ground, Keurig Machine ground (not k-cups), decaf whole bean, decaf ground, decaf espresso ground, and Keurig Machine decaf ground (not k-cups). Regardless of your favorite mode of brewing, Jamaica Rum French Vanilla may be enjoyed any way, any time.

Upon opening a fresh bag of whole bean Jamaica Rum French Vanilla, coffee lovers are met with a pound of shiny, medium roast beans. A fragrance rich in rum fills the air, paired with french vanilla tones, as beans clang into the top of a burr grinder. Just a few clicks and the grind level is adjusted to one most suitable to a French press and, with the press of a button, the machine roars to life. Water begins to whistle on the stovetop before the glass carafe is pre-heated with high-quality, filtered water. Six heaping tablespoons of ground coffee are added to the bottom of an empty beaker, which blooms to life with a splash of hot water. Once 30 seconds tick by, the vessel is filled to the top with hot water. After a 4 minute wait, one can finally appreciate everything this beautiful coffee has to offer.


  • Sweet yet spicy medium roast blend
  • Produces a fragrant, yet mild coffee



  • May produce a bitter taste when brewed improperly
  • Individuals looking for a strong cup of coffee should try another product


Java enthusiasts alike may drink a hot mug of Aroma Ridge’s Jamaica Rum French Vanilla coffee cold, iced, hot, black, or in combination with milk, cream, or any dairy alternative. When made correctly, the first taste of Jamaica Rum French Vanilla provides a sweet bouquet of coffee accompanied by slightly spicy flavors inherent with rum – in a non-alcoholic form. Whether you are looking to drink your coffee with breakfast, or even dessert, Jamaica Rum French Vanilla coffee pairs well with any meal at any time of the day. If you need a caffeine jolt, with a delicious flavor, you can’t go wrong with a bag of hand-selected, hand-roasted Jamaica Rum French Vanilla coffee from Aroma Ridge.



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