A Short History of Coffee

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Is there anything better than having a hot, fresh cup of coffee? No matter whether it’s a Tim Hortons Coffee or Starbucks special, for many of us, the day doesn’t begin until we’ve had our morning cuppa. While it might seem like the perfect representation of the hustle and bustle of modern life, the history of coffee actually dates back hundreds of years.

Despite its humble beginnings, estimates suggest there are now over 35,600 coffee shops in America, making it the world’s second-most traded commodity, but do you know how it began?

A brief history of coffee

When was coffee invented? Well, legend has it that the beans’ benefits were first discovered when a farmer noticed his goats became more active after eating them. After telling some local monks of the news, they decided to roast the beans, grind them up and dissolve them in hot water… seeing the world’s first cup of coffee made!

Although this myth on when coffee was invented is probably more fiction than fact, the drink soon grew in popularity, and by the 1500s, it was widely drunk across Persia and Turkey. Reaching Europe in the 17th century, the first coffee house was opened in Venice in 1647, and from there, its use exploded, and coffee was soon being consumed across the globe.

Coffee in the modern world

Fast forward to today, and coffee is now one of the most consumed drinks in the world, with over 400 million cups consumed in the United States every day. There are now hundreds of brands selling the drink worldwide, and Tim Hortons Coffee is one of the biggest, with over two billion cups being drunk a year!

Renowned for its delicious and unique taste, Tim Hortons’ coffee has been the go-to choice for millions of people for over 50 years. Fancy trying a cup yourself? Why not try some today! [HYPERLINK TO STORE]

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