3 Exciting Ways to Use Ground Coffee

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I absolutely love coffee. In fact, after tea, coffee is the most consumed beverage on the planet. But, did you know that there are many different ways to use ground coffee?

Well, today is your lucky day because I am about to share with you 3 exciting ways to use ground coffee, and you will definitely be surprised when you find out just how versatile these beloved beans actually are!

1. Use Coffee to Enhance Your Favorite Recipes

While most people only think of coffee as the best way to start their day and keep them going when they need a boost, there are actually some really fun ways to use ground coffee that do not involve brewing and drinking it. Surprisingly, you can actually eat ground coffee in its unbrewed form.

Yes, that’s right. You can actually EAT ground coffee, and it tastes fantastic!

Perhaps one of the most popular edible coffee treats is the chocolate-covered espresso bean. However, once you grind those coffee beans, all of the essential oils are released, creating a punch of flavor that can boost a wide range of your favorite recipes.

Ground Coffee in Your Barbecue?!

Did you know that ground coffee is an excellent way to take your dry rub to the next level? For many decades, folks across the Midwestern United States have added coffee grinds to their secret spice rubs in order to enhance the smokiness of their delicious barbecued meats and veggies.

Coffee’s strong flavor can act as a buffer to balance the sweetness of the brown sugar typically used in these recipes, as well as to counter the spice from the chili powder in most dry rubs. On top of that, those coffee grinds help to tenderize the meat while also helping to seal in moisture, keeping your ribs and other cuts of meat nice and juicy the entire time.

The next time you decide to fire up the grill, try adding ground coffee to your spice rub!

2. Give Your Garden a Cafe Boost

Very few people know that you can actually spruce up your plants with used coffee grounds, and they actually end up discarding this powerful natural fertilizer.

The next time you brew your morning coffee, save the used grounds and sprinkle them into your garden, potted plants, or even across your yard.

Coffee contains a range of minerals and nutrients that will keep your plants healthy. It also helps the soil retain moisture throughout the day, keeping your green friends hydrated and happy.

3. Coffee to Cleanse and Beautify

Rounding out my list of exciting ways to use ground coffee are some uncommon beauty secrets.

Coffee is an excellent addition to your skincare regimen. You can pamper yourself by using coffee grinds to exfoliate your body from head to toe, and the results will blow you away. Who knew coffee had so many uses?

It’s Grind Time!

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of my favorite ways to use ground coffee. The next time you buy your preferred coffee, be sure to get an extra bag so you can try out some of these fantastic methods!

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